Saving money & heading with glazed windows

Until the 1980’s it was not unusual to find homes that were constructed with single glazed windows, hence the popularity of double glazing fitting is one that still continues to go from strength to strength. These older homes will benefit hugely from having double glazing fitting, as will the residents of them who will find their homes warmer, more comfortable to live in and their bills more manageable as a result of having double glazing fitted.

While the initial outlay of double glazed windows may seem like a vast expense it is one that will provide savings for many many years to come.

This means that the outlay is a fantastic investment and one that will pay for itself, sometimes many times over, over the length of its life.


Windows and doors are the more common source of heat loss and for the vast majority of homes, they will be the biggest loss also.

If your home is not well insulated and has old, single glazed, often draughty windows, then it is not unusual for up to twenty percent of your heat to be lost through your windows and doors.

As double glazing will provide a tighter fit, with two or even three (triple glazing) layers of glass this will prevent the majority of heat loss from occurring in the future.

This will mean that it is much easier to keep your home warm and will cost significantly less, particularly during the crippling Winter months.


The way that double glazing works are by having two panes of glass, both held in place by the window frame, and these will have a small air gap between them.

This will allow a barrier of insulation between the warm, comfortable air of your home and the wind and cold outside.

As single glass is just one glazed pane this will not benefit from having an insulating barrier and will, therefore, be much less effective at keeping your home warm and the cold air at bay.


If your home is well insulated, with solid quality double glazing, this will, in turn, save you money. You will no longer be spending as much money on heating your home and you will find that your gas & electricity bills will fall as a benefit of this.

How much money you will save is dependant on the kind of windows you have fitted, the number of windows you have and the size of your home but everyone having quality double glazing fitted will see a decrease in their cost of living.

This is particularly important when gas and electricity prices are constantly rising and show no signs of stopping.

Using less energy to warm up your home will also allow you to do your little bit for the environment. Less energy used means that you will have a smaller carbon footprint and will be saving yourself money in the process.

This overall makes double glazing a fantastic purchase, despite the initial outlay. Your home will be warmer, for less money and you will soon be reaping the benefits.

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